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Our team have applied and have gotten into schools like Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Hopkins, USC, UCLA, UC Berkley. Applying to these schools is not an easy task, especially with the continuing decreasing admission rates. 

YOUni Prep knows exactly what to do to make your application stand out amongst the rest. Our well-connected advisors can put you in touch with students at the university you are applying to. With YOUni prep you will be plugged with the best advisors in the regions and the best students around the world. You do not only get help with applying, but you build a network of connection with students in top tier universities. 

YOUni Prep helps you get in, stay in and flourish afterwards through creating a robust platform where YOUni Prep students remain connected – often becoming very close acquaintances. Our process takes into account everything from interview prep and GPA strategy, to developing leadership skills. We enable the admission officers to see who you truly are. 


YOUni Prep Bundle Package

From 0 to Hero


Our experts will help you present and formulate a coherent application to win over the best US universities.

Paper Essay

From Brainstorming to Writing

Full Essay Service

Don't know what to write? then this service will help you cut through the finish line with a well-polished essay.


Proof Reading

Essay Editing 

Have our Experts Proofread your essay and ensure it's of top quality. Multiple revisions allowed


Bundle Offer

Take no chances. Let us guide you through the whole process

We get into Universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Hopkins, USC, UCLA, UC Berkley. The earlier you start the better. You’re already ahead of everyone by reaching out to YOUni Prep.


Acceptances into top universities often start when the application is built though your freshman, sophomore and junior years. Senior year is filled with tests and deadlines, and if you’re an international student you probably still have exams! By starting early, you can handcraft your courses, essays and extracurriculars to have even the best schools fighting for you.


The Bundle Package is designed to produce the best college application you possibly can. By the time you are a senior, you will have everything ready for you to click submit. All that’s left for you is to focus on your school work and keep your grades up (which we will support you through as well).  Even if you are a senior now, we will work together twice as hard to finish everything you need to at the quality it needs to be to gain admissions. So whether you start early or are late in the process, this package is just for you.


Here Is What YOUni Prep Bundle Can Do for You!

Each of you will be matched with your own set of tutors tailored specifically to your goals, style and interests. These tutors will eat, sleep and breathe by your application and will be by your side whenever you need it.

Personalized Team

Through our interview process we begin to understand everything we need to know about you. We will unravel everything we need from childhood memories to passions you did not even know you had. This will vital in shaping your application so we do not take this lightly!

Holistic Analysis

Keeping track of all your deadlines is tough. We help you ensure that you are on top of things during the brainstorming, writing and finalizing stages. We do this with plenty of time to spare so that you can focus on your academics and meet your offers!

Time Management 

Our Advisors provide you with all the information you need to select your courses to maximize admissions to the course you prefer. Our team will also pinpoint weaknesses in your grades (Including SAT/ACT) and build a game changing plan to rectify any weaknesses identified in your application. 

Academic Planning

Summer Planning

To maximize your chances of getting into your reach schools you will need to take advantage of your summers.  Our Advisors have a list of affiliated organization (even in the MENA region) and will help you organize your time to include test prep, application prep and school work while also ensuring you have enough down time to relax.

We help you build close relationships with mentors and teachers. We teach you how to ask and get the best letter of recommendation to help you get into top-tier universities.


If you have interviews, we will provide you with everything you need to succeed. We even run through mock interviews to make sure you are confident and know exactly the right things to say!

Interview Prep

For every essay written, you will receive the full essay service including brainstorming, drafting and finalizing. This is unlimited and Advisors will review every essay before you submit. This also ensures that we craft the best essays for admissions.

Full Essay Service

Stuck deciding after you have received your offers. YOUni prep Advisors will help you decide as well as provide strategy for wait listed opportunities Our Advisors will guide you through the summer to avoid the common bumps students face.

Post Offer Support

Just because you received a financial aid offer that doesn’t mean that is the best offer you can get. We know how to use your acceptances to get you the best offer for you and your family.

Financial Aid


Essay Services

Already there? Make sure your essay is ready for submission 
Full Essay Service
Unlimited Time with Tutor
Multiple revisions
Filter through Extracurricular Activities
Full written Feedback from Tutors
Detailed Plan for writing
Brainstorming Ideas
1 on 1 feedback
Course and University Consideration

How it works? 

The Interview

A Deep, thorough interview is conducted to understand your unique experiences. This includes uncovering childhood anecdotes, unknown passions, goals and aspirations, humorous stories and a lot more. By understanding who you are as a person, essays can be tailored to your unique identity.


You will work with your consultant to generate ideas and interesting ways to convey yourself using the facts that you have just uncovered together. Here, we will discover any trends and themes that seem to keep propping up! Eventually leading us to develop ideas un till you find something you love.


Now with an idea of who you are, we begin working on a draft. Initially, you will take the time to write in your unique voice and tone which is extremely important! Our expert advisors will then work with you to perfect the language and structure of the entire essay. Remember, you have unlimited revisions so you will work with your expert until you find a topic and essay you are happy with.


After multiple revisions, a well-polished essay will be produced. You can be confident that you expressed your story in the most eloquent way to the admissions officers!

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