YOUni Prep's Story

We Suceed When You Do.

YOUni Prep was founded to have consultants in the MENA region to encourage students to apply and get accepted into the top universities in the world. There is a plethora of different advice out there confusing students all around the world, making it even harder to apply to universities. With numerous deadlines, tests and external exams international students tend to take, you cannot afford confusion when applying to some of the top universities. YOUni Prep removes this burden and proudly takes it as its own.

YOUni Prep operates in 15 different cities around the world and follows global standards for college admissions counselling. The success of YOUni Prep is a result of students around the world valuing a robust strategy and understanding that it is vital to get accepted into your dream school. 

What YOUni Prep prides itself in is that it goes way beyond the acceptance. After receiving your acceptance, YOUni Prep ensures you remain well connected to internship opportunities and other students who themselves are in top-ranked institutions. YOUni Prep builds a collection of leaders and encourages them to affect change regardless of where they end up. 

Working with YOUni Prep, you will realize that we have one main goal: to ensure that the student is maximizing their potential, and therefore their value to the admissions officer. Our personalized approach ensures you have unlimited support in every step of the process. YOUni Prep strives to support you throughout it all!

YOUni Prep Family


Jad Abdul Jawad

CEO - Founder


Carlo Agostinelli

UK Managing Co-director


Will Collins

UK Managing Co-director

Example Consultants

The People Helping You Make it Right!

Daniel Trey

Daniel is currently at Stanford University pursuing an Energy Resources degree. Daniel himself is an international student and is an active member in debate. Daniel Spends a lot of his hours in the lab working on cutting edge research in hopes of eventually pursuing a Medical Degree. Daniel is a genius when it comes to uncovering who you are, making applying that much easier.

Stanford Univeristy YOUni Prep

Sarah Yousef

Sarah is currently pursuing a Government degree at Harvard University. Originally from the Middle East, Sarah has a strong passion for brining order to less fortunate areas in the MENA region. As an international student from the MENA region, Sarah specializes in helping students seek leadership opportunities and awards to make them stand out from the bunch. Sarah’s strong will and relatability are what makes her a wonderful consultant.

Harvard Univeristy YOUni Prep

Mark Castoni

Mark was born and raised in LA, California. He is currently a prospective student at MIT but is taking a gap year to pursue his passion for Art in film making. As an expert screenwriter, Mark knows exactly how to convey whatever information you want in the best way possible. Whether it’s through drama or humour, Mark always finds a way to make his message memorable. A key trait needed when writing applications.

MIT YOUni Prep

Casandra Aneban

Casandra has a strong passion for medicine which ultimately led her to study medicine at Oxford. She has been heavily involved in writing in science journals and conveying scientific information. She has a knack for spotting ambiguity in text and uses that to help her students write the clearest cut polished essays for UK and US universities.  


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